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Topics to Cover for Your Driving Test in Nicosia

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Taking a driving test may be, for some, a stressful experience. To achieve the desired result, it is best to practise and learn some essential topics that may occur during your test. We, at Driving School Nicosia, are here to guide and assist you through this agitated experience. Find below what topics to cover for your driving test in Nicosia.

Vehicle Control

Operating a vehicle entails all the motions and decisions a driver takes when travelling by car. The examiner will test your ability and stability when using the steering wheel, brakes, shifting gear and gas petal. Holding the steering wheel firm and gently, with your hands at opposite sides will help you gain steering control. A steering technique to avoid is hand-over-hand. Make sure to use the proper food for each pedal and push them gently to decrease or increase your speed.

Observation and Awareness

Firstly, it is important to make sure that other drivers can see you. Remember to use your signals when changing lanes or turning. Keep your eyes always moving, scanning far away and not just the road ahead of you. Don’t forget to check your side mirrors and blind spots. Watch out for pedestrians and bicycle riders and keep a three-second distance from other vehicles. Be aware at all times of what is going on, on the road or beside you.

Know the Rules

Before taking your driving test, learn adequately each road sign and proper driving behaviour so you can act accordingly to your examiner’s instructions and be aware while driving. When the examiner will let you drive independently it is imperative to know the road signs and traffic signals and follow them. Use safe driving practices in general and adopt defensive driving skills.

Hazard Perception

To succeed at your driving test, you should know what a hazard is and be able to identify one either actual or developing. When you spot a hazard, action needs to be taken. A hazard is something that potentially can cause harm to you or others. As a result, you should change speed, direction, or position.

Parking and Manoeuvering

Be prepared for different parking techniques such as parallel parking or perpendicular parking. The examiner will test your ability to park your car and perform different manoeuvres. The most common moves are emergency stop, three-point turns, reverse around a corner or turning right at a crossroad.

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